About Us

About us

In 2004, our group of friends were all into modifying and racing cars. At the age of 14, Jerry took on his first project: Engine swap on a 1986 Toyota MR2. Thomas came over one day, curious to see how cars worked and how to work on them. The two friends started modifying cars after cars, learning and making a lot of mistakes along the way (the time before YouTube ). Eventually, it turned into a lot of late night projects in the garage, driveway, and even streets. The pair ended up constantly competing and pushing each other to make them better.

Thomas and Jerry decided to further their education in the automotive industry at Universal Technical Institute in Sacramento, CA. After working at independent shops and dealerships over the years, we realized that customers deserved better overall experience.

Flex Function was created in 2021 with no customer base, no formal business plan, and corporate support. It was established by two friends who are committed to delivering excellent customer service through fair pricing and expert advice from passionate enthusiasts. 
Core values
From start to finish, Flex Function treats your vehicle like one of our family members. We hold ourselves accountable to go above and beyond and make sure your vehicle is in good hands.